If you're tired of your old PBX phone system, Automated Office Systems is now an authorized re-seller of Ring Central cloud-based VOIP systems that will transform your office and provide a more cost-effective solution for your employees. The cloud-based phone options by RingCentral are modern and can provide huge benefits to your company. These solutions retain all of the benefits found within standard VOIP systems, such as fax, voicemail, conferencing and intercom calling, without the limitations found within systems based around hardware. The virtual VOIP system by RingCentral includes modern features like business SMS, mobile integration and HD video for meetings or conference calls that take place in multiple locations. When shopping for your newVOIP system, consider browsing our copiers and supplies as these systems are essential for any business.
There are additional benefits you receive when using a RingCentral phone system. For instance, a virtual VOIP doesn't come with the possibility of the hardware being affected by a security breach at the premises or a natural disaster, such as a flood. The reason for this is the phone system is housed in data centers that come with many layers of redundancy that effectively eliminate possible security issues. Business continues even during disruptions or emergencies. With this solution, smartphones and tablets can now be utilized in order to make video calls. These solutions should also assist in lowering costs and increasing your return of investment as maintenance for onsite hardware is no longer required. Certain digital imaging equipment can also provide you with similar benefits.
This cloud option is continually updated with the latest technology, so you won't feel the need to upgrade after a couple of years. No matter the services you use with this phone system or the amount of users on it, everything will be reported on a single bill. When you contact us about our RingCentral VOIP phone systems, you can also inquire about our extensive copying and duplicating services. Whether using voice or video services, you can speak to anyone in the world on a secure connection. Contact us today to find out more and request information about additional products, such as our optical imaging equipment and supplies.